Ever wish you had a copywriter you could call... 

Maybe you just have a quick question about a headline. 

Or maybe you've spent days and days pouring your heart and soul into a sales page and all you hear is crickets. 

Or maybe you just need something done NOW and don't have time to do it yourself or hire a copywriter for a full project. 

I'm here for you, whether you need a full day or just an hour.

Expert conversion copywriters book up weeks, or even months, in advance. 

That's because the kinds of projects we work on take A LOT of time and preparation. 

And the thing is, that's time that you don't have.

You need someone - and you need her now. 

That's why I'm offering Done With You day rates. Because I've run into so many people like you, and it breaks my heart to see amazing business owners who have the passion and the drive fail because they couldn't get the copy done. 

During a DWY day rate, we can...

Map out a launch strategy - and maybe even sneak in a few fully-written emails.


Create a framework for your sales page - or take your existing page up a notch (or twelve).


Develop a content calendar that will blow your socks off. (Not literally, of course.)

So tell me - does this sound like you?

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    I'm a good writer. This is perfect for people who are good writers but aren't quite sure how to structure sales pages, don't know a post-cart sequence from a pre-cart, or just can't get that darn about page down. But don't worry - it's not a requirement!
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    I need copy NOW. For whatever reason, you need new copy and you need it NOW. (I'm picturing Veruca from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, but I'm sure you're much nicer than that.) Maybe all you need is a second set of eyes on that sales page or email sequence. Or maybe you just realized the copywriter you hired turned in a steaming pile of trash and you need someone to rework it before the launch next week. 
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    I'm on a budget. Champagne taste on a beer budget? I've been there, my friend. That's why I'm giving you the chance to have a little Dom Perignon for the price of a craft beer. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) This is your chance to work with an expert without having to pay for a full project! 

Not sure you need a full day? That's ok. We can do a half day - or even just an hour.

The best thing about my DWY day rates is that they are designed for YOU.

Whether you need a full day (or multiple days) or just a quick copy hour, you get what you need when you need it. (Within reason, of course. I do have a life too, you know!)

By now I think you've got the picture.
Let's get into the nitty gritty details, shall we?



Ok, so you're sold on the idea of working with me for a day - or at least part of one.

 So what's the investment?

Full Day Rate - $1279

Half Day Rate - $749

Copy Hour - $279

Payment must be paid in full to block off the time on my schedule - after all, time is money, am I right? 



You need your copy yesterday, I know. That's why I'm willing to clear my schedule (as long as it doesn't negatively affect my current clients!) to help you make that happen. 

Typically that means we can get your Copy Hour or Half-Day booked with 48 hours. Full Days are booked within 5 days. 

(Need it sooner than that? Email and my assistant will see what she can do.)


No, not the college course that helped me realize that I wasn't destined to be a doctor. I mean our chemistry - you and me and your business. 

I'm a pretty good fit for most small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even larger companies thanks to my accounting background. I walk the line between Type A businesswoman and creative spirit, but if you aren't sure, shoot me an email and we'll find out. 




I need a copywriter today!

Psst - you don't even have to use the time yet. Snag the deal and use it within 3 months. 

See what past clients have to say:

Reliable and professional

"Jennifer produced interesting, persuasive, and clean copy on her first (and only) draft. This is far more than I can say for many of the other writers I've hired for content marketing work. She's reliable and professional, and absolutely knows her stuff when it comes to conversion copywriting. I'm grateful to have her in my back pocket for these types of projects."

Becky Mollenkamp

Business Coach

Incredible service

"Jennifer provided incredible service and a VERY high quality product in an extremely short timeline. In a matter of 5 hours, I went from having a mediocre email to one I am very proud of! Thanks Jennifer!."

Liane Soller

Wellness Coach

Jennifer delivers copy that hits the mark and makes my life so much easier.

"She knows how to pick up on a brand voice and tell compelling stories that keep the reader engaged.

But it's more than the copy that hits the mark it's also her high communication throughout the entire project that makes working with her magic. Jennifer makes sure she keeps me informed each step of the way and produces copy on time consistently. It frees me up to work on the parts of my business that I love and focus on my business growth."

Sarah Grear

Conversion Copy Expert

It was so great to work with Jennifer.

"She is incredibly professional, detailed and honest about her recommendations. We would not have accomplished getting the course out in such a short time frame without Jennifer's guidance and help. She is incredibly easy to work with. I would work with Jennifer again on any of our future projects."

Cindy Lin

Home Stager and Designer

Jennifer did an incredible job bringing our vision to life for a highly-exclusive VIP program sales page.

"She had a quick turn around and exceeded all of our expectations. I highly recommend her services!"

Jake Thompson

Director of Marketing

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