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DWY Conversion Copywriting

Day rates are your jam, you just don't know it yet. 

So you want to be more involved in the copywriting process, huh? That's awesome! I love working 1:1 with clients like you who know what they want but aren't sure how to execute it. 

But before we dive into who DWY rates are for, let me tell you a couple of things to keep in mind:

DWY is a time based service. You're hiring me for the day, or half day, or hour - not for a specific project. 

DWY is designed so that YOU are as much of the process as you want to be. Want to be on the phone the whole day? Awesome, let's go. Want to do a quick call and then unleash me on your work? We'll make it happen!

So tell me - does this sound like you?


DWY is perfect for people who are good writers but aren't quite sure how to structure sales pages, don't know a post-cart sequence from a pre-cart, or just can't get that darn about page down. 

It's even more ideal for entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the copywriting process and sneak a peak behind the scenes to watch the magic in action. 

But don't get worried if you aren't a good writer - it's not a requirement!


For whatever reason, you need new copy and you need it NOW. (I'm picturing Veruca from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, but I'm sure you're much nicer than that.) 

Maybe all you need is a second set of eyes on that sales page or email sequence. Or maybe you just realized the copywriter you hired turned in a steaming pile of trash and you need someone to rework it before the launch next week. 

There's always a reason - and I can help.  


Do you feel like you're fresh out of ideas? Never fear, lightning can strike twice.

We'll get your content calendar full to the brim again, come up with a killer lead magnet, or even create content templates so you're not stuck like this again. 



Champagne taste on a beer budget? I've been there, my friend. That's why I'm giving you the chance to have a little Dom Perignon for the price of a craft beer. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) 

DWY offers you the chance to hire me for an hour, half day, or full day instead of by the project - which means you're paying less! 

So, tell me: did you see yourself there? 

If so, you're in the right place! 

DWY is designed to provide you with 1:1 expert copywriter time. We can go over your sales page or website, come up with a helluva a lot of blog post ideas, develop a content strategy, or even write full email sequences - but the amount of time needed for everything will vary. 

My assistant or I can help you determine exactly how much time you need, but here's a guideline: 

If you just need some tweaking or editing...

A full website (3-5 pages) will usually take at least a full day, depending on how much existing copy you have. (More than 5 pages? Double it.)

A long form sales page will usually take between a half and a full day, depending on how long form it really is. (Some pages get loooooong, y'all.)

Email sequences will vary based on how many emails you have, but plan for at least half a day. 

If you're looking for all new copy...

One page of web copy usually takes a full day - so you'll need as many days as pages. (Though shorter pages - think contact page - can usually be fit in with another page.)

A long form sales page will take two full days, unless you have a solid framework and some copy in place. 

Email sequences can be done in a full day or two, depending on how many emails you need. 

Keep in mind that you'll need to come prepared with all the info I need like research, testimonials, and anything else to make your copy awesome. 

Are you ready to get started?

Let's do it! Fill out the form below and we can be making copywriting magic together faster than you can imagine.


Jennifer was easy to work with.

Wendy Goldman , Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

I felt like the process was a good collaboration. We worked together to express the messages I wanted to get across and make it come across in my voice. Overall painless experience.


Meets or beats deadlines!

Michael Tunney , Media Strategist

Jennifer is everything I look for in a content strategist: fun to work with, creates great content, and meets (or beats) deadlines. She's at the top of my list when I need great content and I happily refer her to colleagues who are looking for the same.


Jennifer really took what I was doing to heart.

Ashley Armstrong , Six Figure CFO

She wanted to become an expert and make sure she was not missing anything. I loved how we had a few calls to confirm again and again what she has was correct, plus we will have another call after it's been used for a while, so she can make any tweaks necessary for better conversions. I love this! Most people do the work and run away, they don't focus on making sure what they delivered works, and Jennifer does, and that was one of the main reasons why I hired her! I am not looking for just copy, I am looking for sales! She is making sure her work does just that! I am excited to implement her work and seeing the results.


It was a pleasure to work with her!

Amy Northard , Accountant for Creatives

I worked with Jennifer on the voice of an ebook. She provided me with helpful comments to make my points clearer. She was very quick with email responses, which I really appreciate.


Jennifer delivers copy that hits the mark and makes my life so much easier.

Sarah Grear , Copy Conversion Expert

She knows how to pick up on a brand voice and tell compelling stories that keep the reader engaged.

But it's more than the copy that hits the mark it's also her high communication throughout the entire project that makes working with her magic. Jennifer makes sure she keeps me informed each step of the way and produces copy on time consistently. It frees me up to work on the parts of my business that I love and focus on my business growth.


Jennifer is AWESOME!

Renee Sprink , Wedding and Portrait Photographer

She got to know me and my brand and everything she wrote was spot on. I couldn't be more thrilled with the work she did for me. I consider her part of my "team" and a tremendous asset to my business! If you need a great copywriter, hire Jennifer today!


I'm so glad to have found Jennifer!

Deb Howard Greenleaf , Virtual CFO and Accountant

I hired Jennifer to write the copy for my redesigned website. Not only did she deliver the copy on time and as promised, she totally nailed the approach I was looking for. She has been great to work with and I will be using her mad copywriting skills again and again as I rework my sales funnel.


It was so great to work with Jennifer.

Cindy Lin , Home Stager and Designer

She is incredibly professional, detailed and honest about her recommendations. We would not have accomplished getting the course out in such a short time frame without Jennifer's guidance and help. She is incredibly easy to work with. I would work with Jennifer again on any of our future projects.


Jennifer did an incredible job bringing our vision to life for a highly-exclusive VIP program sales page.

Jake Thompson , Director of Marketing

She had a quick turn around and exceeded all of our expectations. I highly recommend her services!

Not sure DWY is the right fit after all? 

Prefer hiring someone to take care of it for you? I can make that happen. Check out my Done For You projects.