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Sales funnels are a bit different...

Which make them rather difficult to present publicly on a platform like this. I mean, one long form sales page I worked on has to be broken up into 3 separate PDFs to see everything! And besides, would you want all your awesome sales emails available for the whole wide world to swipe? Yeah, most clients don't. 

That's why I don't offer public links to sales funnels. It's too tricky.

However, I do have a handy Google Drive folder where I store samples all my sales goodness. 

Want to get your hands on some samples? 

Fill out the form below and you'll get an email with the link. Easy peasy!

Jennifer did an incredible job bringing our vision to life for a highly-exclusive VIP program sales page.

She had a quick turn around and exceeded all of our expectations. I highly recommend her services!

Jake Thompson Director of Marketing

Jennifer was easy to work with.

I felt like the process was a good collaboration. We worked together to express the messages I wanted to get across and make it come across in my voice. Overall painless experience.

Wendy Goldman Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

Jennifer really took what I was doing to heart.

She wanted to become an expert and make sure she was not missing anything. I loved how we had a few calls to confirm again and again what she has was correct, plus we will have another call after it's been used for a while, so she can make any tweaks necessary for better conversions. I love this! Most people do the work and run away, they don't focus on making sure what they delivered works, and Jennifer does, and that was one of the main reasons why I hired her! I am not looking for just copy, I am looking for sales! She is making sure her work does just that! I am excited to implement her work and seeing the results.

Ashley Armstrong Six Figure CFO

Jennifer delivers copy that hits the mark and makes my life so much easier.

She knows how to pick up on a brand voice and tell compelling stories that keep the reader engaged.

But it's more than the copy that hits the mark it's also her high communication throughout the entire project that makes working with her magic. Jennifer makes sure she keeps me informed each step of the way and produces copy on time consistently. It frees me up to work on the parts of my business that I love and focus on my business growth.

Sarah Grear Copy Conversion Expert