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Whatever you do, your business relies on words. 

"But I'm a photographer! My photos speak for themselves." 

Sure, your photos are gorgeous. But if all you have on your website are those beautiful photos, how will potential clients know your rates, availability, and how to book your services? 

"Our products sell themselves." 

Do they? Do they really? Even if your product is life changing, people need to know how to buy it from you.

See what I mean? Whatever you do, from life coach to tech startup, you need copy that sells. What kind of copy depends on your business's current needs,

How I can help you


Your website is one of the most important parts of your business, but with the focus on content marketing and social media it can be easy to neglect the actual copy of your website.

Many companies invest in design, but try to DIY the copy. The problem is that you won't see the ROI you want unless you're willing to invest in copywriting too. 


You have less than 8 seconds to get your prospect's attention before they leave. That means your headlines have to be on point - choosing the right headline can even increase conversions by 30%. 

Want to see conversions increase by 200%? We can make that happen by writing the perfect copy for your CTA buttons. 


Video is one of the fastest growing mediums. Video can be an excellent way to reach customers and employees alike.

From content marketing to in-house training, video takes your content to the next level. Whoever your target audience is, high quality videos begin with a well-written script. That's where I come in. Let's get you set up for success now.


Blogging is more important than ever, and if your company's blog has been untouched for months it is doing more harm than good.

Well-written blog posts offer SEO benefits, attract potential customers, and position your business as a leader in your industry.


When a prospect provides her emails address, she wants to hear from you! 

That means having automation in place to start seeding ideas, introducing products and services, and getting her used to see messages from you in her inbox. 


Whether you're preparing to launch a new product, an online course, or a new service, you'll need to do some serious planning to launch successfully. 

I've been a part of six figure launches, and I can't wait to help your company see the same results. 

Are you ready to get started?

I can typically start new projects in 2-4 weeks, so if you're ready to get started don't wait!

Need Fresh Copy Today?

Did that launch schedule sneak up on you? Or maybe a new project popped up out of nowhere? Whatever it is, you need copywriting help ASAP. While most of my projects book out a few weeks, I do offer something that can help you TODAY. Find out more right now - because I know time isn't on your side this week.